Equipping Today’s Learners with Tomorrow’s Technologies

What is ‘Next-Generation Learning? The truth is the definition isn’t that simple.  ‘Next-Generation’ means many things to many people. To our core curriculum platform team, ‘next-generation’ means equipping today’s learners with tomorrow’s technologies.  This definition is particularly evident in the feature set and rapid adoption of our learning management system, Realize.  From the beginning, we designed and developed Realize to be the central hub for all Savvas content, but we didn’t stop there.  We continue to focus on and listen to our customers to improve the ease of use and value of Realize in the classroom and at home.

Analytic Tools and Formative Assessments

With this goal in mind, we have been adding more analytic tools and formative assessments into Realize that help teachers and learners immediately measure progress across all subjects. Last year, we took what users loved most about their music and podcast experiences and developed course ‘playlists’ that give a familiar and engaging interface to their coursework.  Additionally, we are committed to meeting teachers and learners wherever they are, leading to Savvas being a pioneer in interoperability with student information systems, data warehouses, and third-party apps like Canvas and Google Classroom.  These are all current examples of how we are taking a ‘Next-Generation’ approach with our products.

Maintaining Student Progress in Distance Learning Scenarios

These past few months have seen a radical shift in what is expected from digital products, many of which were created to predominately support learners in a classroom setting. Engaging remote learning experiences are critical to maintaining student progress in new environments with vastly different circumstances. This adds new dimensions to what ‘next-generation’ learning means. At Savvas, we are partnering with districts large and small to meet their unique needs as we all learn what the next back-to-school looks like.

What does ‘Next-Generation Learning’ mean to you?

We would like to invite you to explore what the term ‘next-generation’ learning might mean to you, as a student, educator, or parent. Follow us on social media @SavvasLearning and please leave your thoughts in the comment section. We look forward to hearing from you!

About the author: Marc Nelson is VP of Platform Product Management at Savvas Learning Company. 

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Marc Nelson

Marc Nelson

VP of Platform Product Management

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