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Fresh Ideas for Teaching is a preK-12 blog where we spotlight stories from teachers, authors, and other educators just like you. We hope the stories not only inspire you but also serve to keep you informed on new products and tools that you’ll find useful in your classroom(s). Subscribe today to get access to free classroom activities, author workshops on the latest educational trends, and a behind the scenes look at other teachers & education enthusiast’s lives.
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We invite teachers and other educational thought leaders to join our community and share their learning experiences. Together we can truly make a difference in education. It’s starts with one story at a time. Apply to blog for us.
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“As teachers we are lifelong learners. I love being able to learn and grow alongside the passionate educators that share their knowledge and expertise on this blog!”

Becca Foxwell PA Teacher of the Year

"Teaching can be a lonely profession. Fresh Ideas in Teaching provides a space where teachers know they aren't alone. It's somewhere we can go to look for other teachers with new ideas, the same struggles, or just a laugh!"

Megan Howe Elementary Teacher

"Reading this blog is like going to a gas station when I am low on ideas, I get filled up each time with the fresh perspectives and insights from educators around the nation!"

Kelisa Wing Teacher of the Year