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Chemistry teachers and students! Join us for a FREE week of chemistry lessons featuring authors Chris Moore, Bryn Lutes and Michael Wysession along with engaging resources from Experience Chemistry! Browse the list of upcoming webinars below and register to reserve a spot!

Pandemics Triggered by Climate Change

Pandemics have (literally) plagued humans throughout history. Before there was airplane travel, it usually took a major environmental disruption to create the necessary conditions to allow for a global spread, and that disruption was often provided by a rapid change in climate. We will examine the environmental factors that helped trigger pandemics such as the 1918 Spanish Flu (La Nina), the 1820 Cholera outbreak (eruption of Mt. Tambora), and the 14th-century bubonic plague (start of the Little Ice Age).
Presenter: Dr. Michael Wysession
View the Webinar Below – Download the Presentation and Handouts

How Does Soap “Destroy” Coronaviruses?: Modeling Lipid Bilayers

Just like the cells that make up our bodies, coronaviruses are surrounded by a membrane made up of phospholipid bilayers. This membrane is similar to a soap bubble, which consists of water sandwiched between little polar soap molecules. Using a bubble as a model, we’ll learn how washing your hands with soap and the alcohol from hand sanitizer can disrupt a coronavirus, essentially popping its “bubble”.
Presenter: Dr. Chris Moore
View the Webinar Below: 
Powerpoint: Download the PPT

Intermolecular Attractions: Not As Romantic As It Sounds

Let’s explore the intermolecular forces between covalent bonded molecules! It’ll be more fun than it sounds with hands-on and digital experiences to bring the subject to life. In the end, we’ll apply what we’ve learned to everyone’s favorite molecule, H20!

Obie Martin
View the Webinar Below: 

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