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When we’ve considered meeting student needs in previous years, our minds went straight to academics — knowing reading levels, building our small groups, and differentiating instruction. Those pieces are still vitally important–but this year is different. As educators, we are keenly aware of the social and emotional toll our students have experienced during the pandemic.  To help, we’ve put together a free bundle of SEL resources to help you facilitate conversations, build connections through various activities, and get organized.  Use these SEL resources with your K-5 literacy solution, whether it’s with your myView Literacy program, another solution, or on their own. It is our hope that these tools can serve as a starting point for the unprecedented year ahead.

1. SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Posters 

Use these SEL Posters as a starting point to explore themes around building relationships, respecting others, solving problems, setting goals, and more!


2. SEL Challenge Board – Making Connections

Use this SEL Challenge Board to help your students make new connections with family, friends, and neighbors. Check off each of the 20 different challenges once they are complete!


3. SEL Checklists 

Use the SEL teacher observational assessment checklist and student self-assessment checklist to gauge progress in the areas of self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and decision making.


4. SEL Problem Solving Powerpoint Slides

Use these slides to help guide a conversation around experiences during distance learning. Fill out the charts with things that are going well and areas where things could improve.


“Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has the power to serve as a lever for equity, as it creates learning environments that validate, respect, and affirm the experiences of the diverse learners we serve.” – Lacy Asbill, Director of the Moving Forward Institute

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Kathryn Teel

Kathryn Teel

Product Marketing Manager, K-5 Literacy

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