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Amy Winters

Former Curriculum Specialist & Current Pearson Campaign Marketing Manager |

Amy has a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Arizona State University, and is passionate about instructional design, training, and marketing. Before coming to Pearson as a Curriculum Specialist in 2014, she taught English for eight years in Scottsdale, Arizona. She also tutored K-12 students in all subjects during this time, which allowed her to understand how to close individual knowledge gaps and motivate all kinds of learners. In the last five years, Amy has used her instructional design skills to develop internal training for employees, while at the same time reaching a wide audience of administrators and teachers through quality sales presentations, videos, and marketing campaigns. Amy loves studying how and why people learn so that she can constantly improve her own methods of communication and positively impact those around her. She currently manages targeted marketing campaigns across the United States for Pearson K-12 Learning Services.

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