This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I love the love that is shared every year and in a job that often goes without a lot of appreciation, the week is super special.

Sometimes I will get a picture, or hear a funny quote, or a student will do something extra thoughtful and I will joke that I finally got my bonus. For Teacher Appreciation Week, here are some amazing things kids have told me, or asked me, throughout the years. I write them down because when I need to feel appreciated these are what I turn to.

  • Student, upon seeing me wear the flat cap I wear just about every day: ‘Miss Howe, that hat never gets old.’
  • A question left in our “Wonder Jar”: ‘Why was the 70s so funky?’
  • Last week, after math class had just ended:
    Student 1: ‘Man, that was some good math.’
    Student 2: ‘Yeah, definitely satisfying.’
    (Talk about teacher appreciation, am I right??)
  • When a student walked in one morning:
    Miss Howe, did you know that narwhals are basically the jedis of the sea?’
  • Student, talking about his mom:
    I had a rough morning.  I was getting ready and I tripped over one of my roommate’s shoes.’
  • After seeing a picture of my dad:
    You have his eyes when you smile, Miss Howe.
  • After hearing me sing a new kindergarten-y song:
    Miss Howe, you sing like Ariel‘ (the little mermaid).

I hope wherever you are, you are feeling extra appreciated this week! You have earned it!

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Megan Howe

Megan Howe

Teacher and Children's Book Aficionado

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