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If your school or district is transitioning to remote learning, there are many time-saving features available using Realize™ with your Savvas curriculum. Here are 5 Realize features you may have not known about that will make your virtual teaching and learning experience a little bit easier.  Not sure if your school is using Realize™ with your K-12 materials? Contact your AGM today.

1. Create custom content and playlists for your students – as well as upload and assign your own content.

2. Use Realize Reader.  With Realize Reader students can take notes and respond to prompts directly within the text. This selection from the Leveled eText Library was assigned to a student. He can respond to the question prompts, and his teacher is notified of a new Notebook entry and can respond with feedback.

3. Check out Class Settings. Are you attempting remote instruction with early learners? Apply a ‘skin’ to the Realize environment in Class Settings to make it friendlier to little hands.  The colors switch to primary and kids can choose an avatar. The font is also a little larger.


4. Integrate with Google Classroom. We partner with Google for Education to integrate the user-friendly features of G Suite tools like Google Classroom into the Realize experience. Get more help for common FAQs when using Realize with Google Classroom.

5. Score an assignment. Did you know you can score an assignment using a rubric?  Select the description for each criteria that corresponds to the student’s performance. The total score displays at the top of the rubric panel as you make your selections. Then, you can automatically group students based on performance and assign remedial or enrichment content.

If you’re not using Realize yet, you can sign up for free demo access to sample a wide range of our K-12 curriculum. Go to SavvasRealize.com, click ‘Try a Free Demo’ then log in after you receive your credentials via email. Choose your grades, programs you want to explore, and profile icon.

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Todd Cofer

Todd Cofer

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